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AIA Learn at Lunch: Engineered Value

  • The Center for Design 1000 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA 70130 (map)

Engineered Value: The benefits of a systems approach to custom structures with integrated glazing.


A design build approach to a project, coupled with a systems approach to the design, is the most efficient and productive way to approach the design of any portion of the project, but is especially critical for custom steel structures with integrated glazing.  Far too often, when looking at custom glass and steel structures, the design is viewed as separate glass and steel portions, and thus subcontracted the same way.  It’s Novum Structures’ view that specialty structures with integrated glazing, such as canopies, skylights, facades and atriums, should be viewed as a system themselves. 

This larger system can them be broken down into smaller structural and glazing systems.  By utilizing pre-engineered components and connections a custom system can become more efficient and economical.  These pre-engineered structural and glazing systems are designed to work together, thus eliminating coordination issues.  The availability of multiple glazing and structural systems allows every project to be unique, even when utilizing cost effective standard components.

The cost of that system can also be controlled by approaching the design and cost proactively, instead of reactively.  By getting a specialty subcontractor, such as Novum Structures, involved early in the process the specialty element can be designed to a budget, thus eliminating value engineering.  This eliminated the reactive process of designing, then modifying the design after receiving pricing feedback.  The specialty contractor has an in-depth understanding of all the elements, engineering, fabrication, and installation that drive cost, and thus can help an architect optimize their design so that they can achieve the intended aesthetic within the intended budget.   

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