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NOMA-LA our mission


The Louisiana chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) is dedicated to advocating for diversity in architecture and design through:

  • Fellowship 
  • Community Engagement
  • Mentorship 
  • Design Excellence

Our organization is dedicated to advancing the profession and connecting communities to design, through open, diverse dialogue and proactive, socially responsible initiatives, regardless of race, place, gender, or socio-cultural status. 


NOMA-LA our vision

NOMA-LA believes that Designers play a critical role in society’s well-being. The process of design and designers themselves serve as powerful agents for change with the capacity to provide solutions to the many problems we face in our communities today. NOMA-LA promotes a greater dialogue on issues of social justice, civic engagement and better communities. 

NOMA-LA encourages innovative thinking by facilitating new institutional collaborations and by utilizing informed design with these collaborators to affect social change with purpose. Our primary goal is to develop contexts in which ideas can not only be imagined but also sustained within communities. 

NOMA-LA’s work process emphasizes the research, development, and implementation of best practices in order to engender relationships and design solutions that have a positive social impact on Louisiana's community. 


NOMA-LA our objectives

Professional Development NOMA-LA aims to promote civic engagement and design excellence by providing professional mentorship and support to emerging design leaders. This support includes licensure exam scholarships, Intern Development Program (IDP) community service credits and specific advice to young designers pursuing traditional and non-traditional design career paths. 

Mentorship and Education NOMA-LA believes that early and sustained architectural educational programs are vital to building strong and vibrant communities. To that end, NOMA-LA is dedicated to encouraging interested high school students in career exploration within architecture, supporting the efforts of college students already enrolled in architectural education programs, provide sustained engagement recent grads and interns in the profession, and to educating the public at large about the career possibilities provided by our field. 

Community Engagement and Support NOMA-LA’s primary partnership is with the communities it serves. Community leaders including civic organizations, government officials, business owners, designers, artists and residents are all encouraged to participate throughout the development of NOMA-LA’s projects and initiatives.