SketchCity the Program

Sketching on location is a great way to both engage a city while simultaneously learning about what makes a community a place.  NOMA Louisiana designed SketchCity to encourage artists, architects, and anyone interested in picking up a pencil, to get out into their city to learn about its architectural history.  Its primary goal is to foster, support, and cultivate a sketching community in New Orleans through hosting sketching-based events.  The current event of choice, the “Sketch Scavenger Hunt,” provides a competition-format that will focus on documenting through sketching different neighborhoods around our city.  The clues for the scavenger hunt focus on historically significant moments around the city, and provide a way for the participants to learn about their city through sketching.  The sketches themselves have the potential to give back to the community through their transformation into community resources such as guidebooks, exhibitions, and educational material.  Future plans involve hosting regular sketching meetups in addition to the competition events for a wide variety of age groups and professions.  

SketchCity September 12 Pilot Event

SkethCity's inaugural sketching event is happening September 12! Open to architects, artists, and the design community at large, teams of two will compete in a sketch-scavenger-hunt format in the Central Business District.  Points will be awarded for sketches of buildings that relate to a list of clues, including bonus points for media types, sketch duration, and other sketching accolades.  Prizes will be awarded and winning teams' entries will be featured at the NOMA Conference this October. 

See below for details:

  • Click here to RSVP for you and your teammate.  No teammate, no problem!  We'll find you a partner on site!

  • Date/Time: 9.00am to 11.30am (coffee and doughnuts provided)
  • Location: Meet at the center of Lafayette Square at the Henry Clay Statue to get your clues and to establish some ground rules
  • Audience: While this event is for adults only, future events will incorporate a wide variety of ages
  • Here's what you'll need to bring:
    • Don't sweat bringing your sketchbook, we will provide media for you to draw on
    • Bring your own pens, pencils, watercolors, pastels -- whatever you want to sketch with (keep in mind additional points will be given for use of color)
    • A phone with internet capability (for taking photos and hash-tagging them through Facebook and Twitter!)
  • Questions?: Direct any inquiries to Jacob Dunn, SketchCity Director @


Download and print the poster to spread the word!