NOMA Louisiana would like to thank the participants of the 2014 Between Spaces Competition. 

First Place Team

Jennifer Sandoval // Fang Ding // Carly Piccarello

  • POWER UP "Attractive lightscape", "elegant plan", "pure art installation"

Second Place Team

Christopher Box // Francisco Resendiz

  • AMBIENT HIGHWAY "Seductive architectural proposal", "strength of architectural expression", "neighborhood gateway" "we wish they had taken time to tailor the proposal to the specific site", not contextual"

Third Place Team

Grace Yang // Shelley Long // Rui Felix 

  • NEW GROUND "Convincing agenda for the neighborhood city", "a proposal for and about place"

URBAN RHYTHM "Simple elegant plan", "playful", "compelling idea"

SKY BELOW  "Bold and innovative", "engagement of future issues", "transformative", "reengaging the space beneath"